Ballistix Custom Targeting Systems

Ballistix is your source for the most accurate custom turrets, weatherproof turret labels and long range shooting supplies and products.

Select A Manufacturer To Create A Turret

We carry custom turrets for the following scope brands. We can also create engraved turret labels for almost any scope.

Apex Optics Custom Turrets

Apex Optics

Burris Custom Turrets


Bushnell Custom Turrets


Kahles Custom Turrets


Leica Custom Turrets


Leupold Custom Turrets


Nightforce Custom Turrets


Sig Sauer Custom Turrets

Sig Sauer

Swarovski Custom Turrets


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Zeiss Custom Turrets


Weatherproof and Laser Engraved Custom Turret

Don't see your manufacturer?

Consider one of our weatherproof, adhesive, laser engraved Turret Labels.

Create A Turret Label

How it Works

Customize your turret online

Enter your custom ballistic data (i.e. ammunition, firearm, scope, environment, etc.) into our easy to use turret creation tool and then submit your order.

We Engrave Your Custom Details

Once we receive your order, we will engrave a turret according to your specification and is specifically designed to fit on your scope.

Shipped in 2 Business Days

We understand many of our orders are time sensitive, so we do our best to ship orders within 2 business days of when they're placed.

What Is A Custom Turret

Our easy to use, online tool captures your unique ballistic data to produce a custom yardage turret. Our live turret preview updates as you make adjustments so you can see your turret before submitting your order.

Ballistix Turrets are offered in single and double rotation options for most scopes. Max turret yardage however, will vary depending based on ballistic data provided.

How to Install & Use a Custom Turret

We worked with T.J. Schwanky from Outdoor Quest TV to demonstrate how easy it is to setup a Ballistix custom turret on your rifle. In this video T.J. goes over how to install a turret on your rifle scope, what it can be used for and even demonstrates some of our turrets in action at the range.

Our Free Ballistic Calculator

Don't take our word for it, use our free online calculator to create a printable ballistics chart that you can take with you to the range. Simply enter your data, generate a data set and print it off. When you're ready, come on back and get your custom data engraved on a turret to achieve dead on accuracy with every shot.

Popular Products

Mini Level

Mini Level


$49.99 CAD
$36.00 USD
Custom Turret Label

Custom Turret Label


$50.00 CAD
$36.00 USD

Our Story

Ballistix was founded by a team of long range shooting enthusiasts. We found ourselves continuously disappointed with the accuracy of the available ballistic compensation tools, so we decided to reinvent the traditional ballistic calculator. Our first of its kind Ballistix Simulator generates thousands of shot simulations using your provided load, muzzle velocity, and real-world environmental conditions to create the most accurate bullet compensation data available.

Our propritary turret technology uses your provided data set and translates it into yardage indicators on your choice of a laser engraved turret or weatherproof ballistic label sized to perfectly fit over top of your existing scope's turret cap. With Ballistix turret technology, you'll no longer have to worry about confusing holdover reticles, in-the-field ballistic data charts, or MOA / MILRAD calculations. Instead, you'll be able to focus more on shot placement, windage and proper shooting form.

Ballistix Custom Targeting Systems are the complete package for simple, accurate, long-range shooting.

Developed with in British Columbia.

In partnership with VRG Interactive Inc.