Zeiss Conquest V4

We are back with another optic; today we are looking at the Zeiss Conquest V4. This would be a great optic for any hunter to consider. Zeiss has really put these optics to the test to make sure that they are going to be durable and strong in any situation.

They come in many different magnifications and sizes. We only offer turrets in 4-16x44, 4-14x50, and 6-24x50. All of these have the same features and have gone through the same tests. Depending on which one you pick, it will determine size, weight, and a couple other features. We will go over their different weights at the end of this blog.

When they were designing this optic, they had hunters in mind. They coated the lens with their Lotu Tech coating. This helps with anti-reflection, anti-scratch, anti-static, and hydrophobic properties. This will help keep your view unhindered in all weather conditions. Their lenses also have 90% light transmission, which means hunting in low light just got easier. Now we know seeing your reticle can sometimes be a struggle depending on what type of lighting you are in, so they gave this optic 10 different levels of reticle illumination. This optic also has an adjustable parallax from 10 yards to infinity.

Zeiss wanted to make sure that this optic could withstand the rugged terrain that you were going to take it through. That means they put it through multiple stress tests. They put it through a shock test with up to 1,500 g of force, which would be close to the load of a .460 Weatherby Magnum. They also completely immerse the optic to ensure that it is waterproof. They continuously vibrated the optic for 90 minutes in different directions to make sure it could withstand some shaking, simulating taking it down a bumpy dirt road. They knew their optics would be used far and wide, so they wanted to prove that they could function from the Sahara to the Arctic. They deep-froze it to -40 °C and temperature-shocked it from -25 °C to 50 °C in under 5 minutes. All of this testing and their optics just kept truckin’.

Let’s talk about weight. When looking at the 4-16x44, it weighs in at 22.6oz. The 4-16x50 is 23 oz. Then the final is 6-24x50, weighing in at 24.3 oz. It will all depend on what level of magnification you are interested in. Now, we think this is a great optic, and if you are looking for a solid scope for hunting, we recommend this one! Not only have they gone above and beyond with testing the optics to make sure they can withstand rugged terrain, but when I say rugged terrain, don’t think, Well, let’s try giving it a gentle push down the cliff and see how it does.

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