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Our free Ballistic Calculator generates thousands of shot simulations using your provided load, muzzle velocity, and real-world environmental conditions to create the most accurate bullet drop compensation data available.



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Getting Started

What is a Ballistic Calculator?
In the real world, projectiles do not travel in a straight line. They both drop and curve based on the specific environmental factors and constraints that are present at the time a projectile is ejected (i.e. initial velocity, wind speed and direction, projectile shape and weight, altitude, temperature, etc.). A ballistic compensation calculator provides information about the amount of compensation required to hit a target, at a specified distance away from the projectiles starting position, given the environmental factors that are present. Compensation values are typically presented in the form of Minutes of Angle (MOA) or Milliradians (MIL) up or down and left or right.
How Our Calculator Works

Start by entering your specific environmental factors and constraints as well as your ammunition and firearm details into the the calculator form. We also collect information about your rifle scope so we can provide you with compensation results specific to your scope's make and model. You can hover over the question mark icon on any field to learn more about how that field will impact your calculation.

Once you've completed the form click the calculate button to generate your ballistic compensation drop chart. The chart will provide you with the amount of compensation required to hit your target as well as the speed and energy of your projectile given a set of specified distances.

If you'd like to learn more about each of the specific environmental factors, check out our list of frequently asked questions.

What is a Ballistic Coefficient?
The ballistic coefficient or drag model of a given projectile refers to the aerodynamic nature of its shape and is a measure of the projectiles ability to overcome air resistance in flight. Our calculator allows you to choose from a wide range of ballistic coefficients (G1 through G8) to ensure you obtain the most accurate compensation results. Note that a ballistic coefficient of G1 (Flat Base Ammunition) or G7 (Boat Tail Ammunition) is ideal for traditional hunting and varmint bullets at close to moderate distance.
Ammunition and Scope Presets
Let us do some of the work for you by leveraging our ammunition and scope presets. Selecting from our presets will automatically fill-in certain data on your behalf (e.g. scope height, scope click unit, ballistic coefficient, ammunition weight, etc.).

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