Leica Amplus 6

Picking a scope can be hard, we understand. There are so many choices and each one of them has a different feature that could benefit you. We want to make picking a scope as easy as possible, that is why we are going to start posting a blog talking about different optics and breaking down what features they have. The first scope that we will be talking about is the Leica Amplus 6. 

The Leica Amplus 6 is a high-end optic that has High-Density (Pay attention to that) glass in it. The HD glass will help provide you with sharp and clear images, and will also help with color transmission. This optic features an extra fine reticle, but it is illuminated which makes it easier and quicker to find. Designed with durability in mind, it has a shock resistant aluminum housing. Which means if you are hunting in rugged terrain, you won’t have to worry about hurting your optic. Even with the heavier HD glass and rugged exterior, they have still managed to keep it light weight. It weighs in at 23.6oz.. What was that old term? Ounces equal pounds, pounds equal pain?

Depending on what model you go for will change what features that you get. They have options with an adjustable parallax or non-adjustable. This scope runs on a second focal plane system (SFP) which is perfect for hunters, and boasts a respectable 6x zoom ratio.

Overall, the Leica Amplus 6 would be a good scope for any hunter who might have a little bit of a higher budget. You know you'll be getting a top quality optic for the price you pay. You will also be able to get a Ballistix turret for this system, or a sticker turret, depending on your preference. And as everyone knows; with a Ballistix turret, you will be dead on everytime!  

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