Yardage Ring for Swarovski Z5/Z6 BT Turrets

If you are looking for the ultimate lightweight riflescope for your next alpine adventure,  with crystal clear glass and an excellent power range, then look no further that the Swarovski Z5 series riflescopes.

One of the top selling scopes for mountain hunters is the Swarovski Z5 3.5-18x44 BT(ballistic turret) with the 4w (wind-plex) reticle, weighing in at 15.9 ounces. No other scope on the market has all of these features, and still comes in weighing under a pound.  

At the 2020 Shot Show in Las Vegas, Swarovski released the Z5i adding an illuminated reticle to the Z5 lineup adding less than 2 ounces of additional weight to the impressive Z5 lineup.  

Swarovski’s BT (ballistic turret) works as a yardage turret, but it is limited in function, by design.  With a zero stop and three colour coded rings that you can set at three yardages of your choice, it lacks precision if your target is not at said yardages.  We at Ballistix Custom Turrets have created the most accurate, laser etched ring with 25 yard increments to replace Swarovski’s 3 yardage indicators.  With our ballistic ring, you never have to guess where to set your turret, just range your target, dial our custom yardage turret and hit your target dead on, every time!  Unlike our competitors, our ring replaces the three ballistic rings, so your turret keeps a sleek profile, where our competitors slip over the top of the original turret, adding unnecessary bulk and weight, or ask you to take a knife to your original ring and remove the dot.  With our system you can always replace the ballistic ring with the factory rings if you change the scope between rifles, or put it up for sale.  If you order a custom turret ring directly from Swarovski, you will pay a much higher rate and only have 50 yard increments, not our precision 25 yard markings.  

Our Ballistix simulator is the most precise ballistic calculator on the planet, and it is the best yardage ring you will find for your lightweight Swarovski rifle scope.  Our turret rings work for both the Z5 an Z6 series riflescopes.  Order yours today!

Note: This turret only works on Swarovski Z5 and Z6 with the Ballistic Turret Only.  This is not a replacement for the standard turret. 

Developed with in British Columbia.

In partnership with VRG Interactive Inc.