Why Use a Custom Turret?

The hunting world has changed drastically over the past decade, due to advancements in technology, like modern bullet options, Ballistic Apps and custom yardage turrets. We saw an opportunity to bring a better turret creation solution to the North American market, so we at Ballistix, partnered with VRG Interactive to create the most accurate Ballistic Simulator in the world. Our technology provides us with the flexibility to create laser engraved turrets and weatherproof decals for virtually any scope on the market with an elevated turret.  With the ever growing presence of custom yardage turrets however, many people are taking longer shots than they may have without a custom yardage turret. So, let's talk about that...

Critics point out that custom turrets encourage hunters to take longer shots than they would normally take. Growing up in the outdoor industry I heard many similar stories that included, “I held a foot over its back and took a hail-mary shot, and got the biggest (fill in the species) of my life.”  All of these stories ended in success, but how many of these attempts ended in non-fatal shots, due to guessing where your bullet would hit? 

With a rangefinder and a custom yardage turret, you can eliminate the guesswork by ranging your target and dialing your turret to the exact yardage. Once dialed in, simply place your crosshairs directly on your target, thereby eliminating the need for any holdover, and shoot.  With practice, you can confidently take longer ethical shots with a custom turret, than you normally would have.

Custom Turret Advantages:
  1. You will always place the crosshairs exactly where you want the bullet to hit.  Thereby eliminating the confusion associated with complicated reticles and the crosshair covering up your target.
  2. Once a turret is burned, it is on target for plus or minus 1000 feet of elevation, and plus or minus 20 degrees (temperature), with minimal change on-point of impact.  
  3. Dialing to precise ranges is easy with a custom turret matched to your custom load or boxed ammunition.  Large, clearly marked numbers such as 1, 2, 3 correspond to 100-yard intervals, with 25 yard incremental lines marked as well.

Developed with in British Columbia.

In partnership with VRG Interactive Inc.