Revolutionizing The Custom Turret Market in 2020

There are only a limited number of companies in the world that offer custom yardage turrets and custom turret decals for multiple optics manufacturers, such as Vortex, Zeiss, Swarovski and Nightforce. Our team saw an opportunity to enter into this industry and do it better than anyone has yet been able to offer and as a result we launch Ballistix. 

Before developing our own platform our first step was researching the competition to determining how we could bring the best possible solution to ballistic compensation turrets to market. Our team of physicists and software engineers analyzed more than 500 ballistic calculators, websites, mobile apps and custom turret manufacturers. What they found was that almost all of these competitors used one common open source software library for their ballistic calculations.

Upon further investigation into this library, our team discovered a number of issues with it. Issues that when converted into a custom turret lead to large inaccuracies when shooting long distances down range.  For example, the coefficient for gravity used in the library had been rounded to one decimal place. Our ballistic calculator on the other hand leverages the exact calculation for gravity, ie.  g = 9.80665 m/s2 (32.1740 ft/s2). Rounding to the nearest single decimal place may seem trivial, but when shooting at 1000 yards+, it can mean the difference between a clean hit or a complete miss of your target.

Moreover, instead of a traditional ballistic calculator that leverages static drop chart values, our development team has created a ballistic simulator that takes a customer's inputted data, and generates a ballistic simulation, which runs through 10 simulations per linear foot as the bullet leaves the barrel of the rifle, all of the way out to 2000 yards. Our simulation ensure that your custom turret will be the absolute best representation of your provided rifle, round, scope and environment variables.

We have also compared multiple turrets from our competitors, to our Ballistix turrets and custom turret decals, and live tested them at our private shooting facility. The results were clear, especially at long ranges, our ballistic simulator is superior and more accurate to any other ballistic calculator on the market. 

Here at Ballistix, we pride ourselves on customer service, and we have doubled the number of laser engravers we have available for turret production, since we launching in October of 2019. At current capacity, we are now shipping our custom turrets and custom turret decals, within 48 business hours of receiving your orders.  We guarantee that our products will be in the mail within 7 business days of  placing an order to ensure we get the product into your hands as quickly as possible.

We're also proud to offer the most affordable custom yardage turrets and decals on the market.  In addition to our market leading price point, we have also partnered with some of the world’s leading optics manufacturers to offer rebates and promotional coupon code on for many of our custom turret products.  For example, when we launched the Ballistix Website this past fall, Zeiss Canada opted in to offer a free yardage turret with every V4 and V6 scope sold in Canada (available until March 1st, 2020). Vortex Canada has also offered a promo code for $50 off a custom turret or a free turret decal for any Strike Eagle, Viper and Razor series rifle scope owner.  

We are continually reaching out to the world’s leading optics companies, and hope to offer aluminum turrets for many more brands in the near future.  We currently offer custom laser etched turrets for Vortex and Zeiss, and custom turret decals for the following scope brands:

Finally, if you do not see your scope on our site, we also offer a completely custom turret label creator. Simply take a couple of quick measurements (printable turret height, and diameter) and create a custom turret decal for almost any turret. You can create a custom turret label here or check out our full list of supported scope manufacturers and model.

Till next time, stay dead-on.

Developed with in British Columbia.

In partnership with VRG Interactive Inc.